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Over the Rainbow - potion set

Over the Rainbow - potion set

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Our potion sets ignite curiosity, problem solving skills, imaginative play, mathematical and science skills along with language development skills.

Your little one will also improve their motor skills while they add and pour ingredients to make their magical potion.

Our potion sets are made with eco-friendly, biodegradable, safe, natural and premium food grade raw materials.

Each crystal wand will be unique and different as they are handmade, they will be picked randomly on what is available on hand.

We cannot guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts or other allergens in our products.

Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be delivered. 

Set includes:

1x  Small handmade crystal wand

4x 350ml dry potion ingredients

2x Mystic water

1x Empty 350ml tin to make the potion in 

1x Spoon

Instruction card

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