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Orange Natural Playdough

Orange Natural Playdough

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Scent: Orange

Our playdough is handmade from the highest quality of raw materials, carefully handpicked and curated to give your little ones the safest natural sensory experience.

Ignite their curiosity and self expression with this amazingly soft nonstick playdough that fills their senses while they develop their skills.

Our playdough is Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable

Care Instructions

* Always play with clean dry hands to extend shelf life.

* Store in provided container in a cool, dry place or in the fridge in hotter months.

* To extend shelf life make sure you knead the playdough at least once a week.

* Salt crystals might appear on the top if left untouched for a while, just knead for a few minutes until the salt dissolves back in the dough.

* If left out over night, just wet your hands slightly and knead

* If the dough feels dry add a couple drops of olive oil

* If the dough feels sticky add a sprinkle of flour 

Remember to make sure that you regularly check on the dough as its made of natural material therefore it will eventually create white or green spots of mould, once you see that immediately discard the dough. Wash out the Tin with hot soapy water and reuse.

What our Playdough is made from:

WHEAT flour, olive oil, cream of tartar, food colour, pure essential oil, food essence and sodium

We cannot guarantee that there are not any traces of nuts or other allergens in our products.

Although this playdough smells delicious, it is not for consumption as it has a high content of sodium and can pose a choking hazard if ingested. Always supervise your child if they are younger than 36 months and still in the mouthing phase.

Recommended for ages 3+

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